Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it possible to get used to food intolerances?

Hey guys,

Chris and I just came back from a 10 days holiday in Spain. It was amazing and we spent as much time as possible outside in the sun. Finally our body was able again to produce some vitamine D. My german readers will know what I am talking about.

Our plan was to stick as closely as possible to our usual eating and fitness habits although we are on holidays. We just feel better that way. The fitness part worked out pretty well.
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We do a lot of bodyweight stuff which is easily doable in a hotel room. So everyday I did about 20 minutes to half an hour of push ups, planks, rope jumpinmg etc. The eating part didn't work out that well. We always had to eat outside because we didn't have access to a kitchen. That meant that we had to totally rely on resteaurants and supermearkets. Plus we moved around much more than usual. Each day we eather visited a town and walked around there the whole day or we went on a hiking trip. Our hunger was therefore much bigger than at home. So what's typical spanish food, that you can find in every resteaurant? Paella and Tapas. Paella is mainly out of rice, fish, seafood and/or meat, vegetables and seasoning. And if your luckz it's done with olive oil. All in all, since rice doesn't contain gluten, an acceptable food. Tapas can be anything ranging from fish, meat, vegetables to french fries. A lot of stuff is deep-fried, rolled in flour and there is probably a lot of vegetable oil used. And on top of that it's always served with bread. We tried to skip the bread and to order fish and seafood without breading but it soon turned out that it was nearly impossible for us to eat perfectly paleo. It didn't make it easier for us that we don't speak any Spanish. At the end we nearly daily consumed small amounts of toxins. 

In the beginning we thought "Ok, its our holiday. Lets not stress about food". But after 3-4 days we could feel the consequences. (Sorry, this might be a bit too much information for sume people.) It started with bloatings and digestion problems. Next some of our joints started aching. My right knee has never hurt like that before. And than the stomach started hurting as well, plus I felt like puking after eating. Eat was really bad right after eating something. Although the food tastes delicious, the symptoms were really annoying. Therefore I am happy that i am back at home know with access to my own kitchen, so that i can control what I am eating. And our next holidays will be spent somewhere where we have access to a kitchen as well. 

The whole story started me thinking. Before my Paleo time I did eat a lot of grains and sweets. But I never had any of the symptoms I did have now. Ok, I probably wasn't listening to my body as well as I do now, but I definitely didn't feel pain anywhere. The question is, can your body get used to food intolerances, if you just constantly eat something? I don't mean getting used in the way that it's not bad for you anymore, but used in the way that you don't get the symptoms anymore. or was I just sick the whole time and now for the first time know, how healthy feels like?
What do you think? Did you ever experience something similar? And how do you control what you eat on holidays?

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