Thursday, March 1, 2012

How time flies!

And all of a sudden 3 months are over and I haven't written one single blog post. There weren't that many new things to talk about though, But don't worry, there will be new things in the near future.

On Saturday I will drive to our trusted butcher and get the quarter of beef that we ordered. We will get 43-44 kg of meat plus a heart and a tongue. Clearly this is all from a happy, grass-fed cow. I will definitely tell you about this and will also post more beef recipes.

I also went to my physician lately to get some blood work done. As it turns out I have hypothyroidism. That means that my thyroid is not producing enough hormones. Apparently it's not Hashimotos, which is the autoimmun version of it, because I don't have any antibodies in my blood. Despite that I decided to try 30 days of the autoimmune protocol. It can only help my thyroid and it's good to change my eating habits anyways. Over time there are those little cheats which somehow creep into your meal plan without you notocing. It's time to get rid of them. I read a lot about hypothyroidism and paleo on the net and there's a lot of information out there. What I couldn't find are any meal plans or specific recipes, That's why I decides to post what I eat here. Maybe it will help to inspire other people with autoimmune deseases. 

Dis you try the autoimmune protocol already or are you planning to do so? I'll appreciate comments, tips and questions.

Let's get on with the next blos posts...=) 


  1. Hi Steffi! This is a very helpful blog for an American new to Germany (near Koblenz). I hope that you are doing well and finding a way to address the hypothyroidism. In Robb Wolf's book, he recommends eliminating these foods for autoimmune diseases: eggs, nuts/seeds, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers.
    I really liked your post on where to find meat. Would you be able to do one on where you buy oils (coconut) and flours (almond, arrowroot, tapioca...) if you use them?

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