Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you wanna change your life, start now!

Have you been thinking about joyning the primal lifestyle? Now is the chance to do it and get motivational help along the way. The 30-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge just started yesterday. Sorry that I am one day late, but with the time difference between the US and here, I just got confused. So what's it all about?

The challenge is to jump in right away and live 30 full days the primal way. What that means is best explained by looking at this image of Mark Sisson:
By Mark Sisson @ marksdailyapple.com

To keep you all motivated there will be a challenge on each day. If you participate you can win a lot of prices along the way. Some challenges will only need you to comment on the article and for others you will need to put a liitle bit more work into it.

You don't need to subscribe anywhere to participate, just check Marks site everyday.

I've been priimal for about half a year now but that doesn't mean that I can still make progress in some areas. That's why I'm fully in and excited about the upcoming challenges. So who's with me on this?

P.S.: Todays challenge price is a cow. Clearly only US citizens will be able to win this as we dont want to send the meat of a cow over the ocean. But other prices will come up on which we Europeans can win as well (yesterdays price were Vibrams for example).

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